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Make Time for Purposeful Self-Reflection!

We all make time for what we feel to be the important things in life. Whether it is participating in the carpool, making dinner or completing that work project on time, we are constantly on the go.  Sometimes, however, we get caught up in the whirlwind of an inefficient routine. Given this universal problem, it may benefit us to come up with an alternative strategy.  I would like to propose the concept of purposeful self- reflection.


Before defining and explaining the importance of purposeful self-reflection, I would like to encourage you to recognize how truly valuable you are. Each of us is a unique individual. Take that in for a second. Realize the power of that statement. Not one of us is a copy of another. That makes each of us a rare and precious creature. In other words-we are each priceless! We need to treat each other and ourselves as such.


One way to accomplish this is to live and act with intense thoughtfulness, as opposed to relying on automatic routine.  The most important way to live by this principle is to take the time and energy required to plan your life. Although it is true that we do not have ultimate situational control, we do have an awesome amount of power to both plan and also to re-adjust those plans as necessity dictates.


I strongly support the concept of purposeful self-reflection. Purposeful self-reflection means taking the time required to make sure that your most valuable resources-your time and energy-are being directed at absolutely the right things. While I do recognize and appreciate that we are all so super busy that it can be difficult to justify directing those resources to an indirect accomplishment, I stand behind the necessity to do it anyway.


I would suggest allowing yourself the time and space necessary to become centered and focused on what it is you really want to achieve.  There is no arguing that this can be a time consuming process. However, I would ask you to consider the consequences of either not thoroughly thinking things through or going full throttle, without having given this matter any attention at all. Rushing and/or inattention will lead to chaos and inefficiency, which will result in less then stellar results.


Ask yourself, what is MOST important to me? How can I best allocate my time and energy so that I can ensure that my most significant goals are achieved?


I ask you to accept that it makes no sense to view taking the time required to plan one’s ideal life as “selfish”. Instead, consider that the opposite is in fact true. It could be said that we are acting selfishly if we do not do absolutely everything in our power to be the best that we can be. As unique and priceless individuals, it is our obligation to become our optimal selves, so that we may share our incomparable selves with both the ones we personally value and the world at large.



Take the time for purposeful self- reflection. Know that you are worth it! Instead of feeling guilty for taking time for you, recognize how engaging in this process will ultimately benefit you, as well as your friends, family and colleagues.  And recognize that an initial in depth investment of your energy and time will pay off big in the end. After a thorough bout of purposeful self-reflection, you will most likely be able to proceed with only periodic, quick re-assessments (the one exception being a dramatic change in your personal circumstances, at which time another session of intense purposeful self-reflection would be required).


In an upcoming post, I will outline an example putting this philosophy into practice.

The most important take away for the time being is:  Do not allow yourself to live mindlessly. YOU are priceless! Begin and continue to view and treat yourself as such!



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