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Get More of the RIGHT Things Done!

It’s finally here: Productive Balance….

Get More of the RIGHT Things Done!Murrieta, CA, December 21, 2011—Brian Osher, Founder & CEO of GAIN Life Global LLC and Productive Balance LLC, has officially announced the launch of Productive Balance — a groundbreaking productivity tool developed to enhance the traditional to-do list for individuals, business professionals, and those challenged with ADD / ADHD.


Productive Balance is the creation of Brian Osher, successful life coach and entrepreneur with a passion for excellence. Designed as a membership-based application aimed to increase productivity and measure results, Productive Balance is based on a core value system you assign to daily, weekly, monthly, annual or uniquely customizable time frames to meet your needs. People of all ages can create points-based sessions with tasks linked to key areas of life including family, relationships, parenting, fitness, personal growth, work, and recreation—all geared to help you live a richer, fuller life with more free time on your hands to have fun! The points system is powered by functionality that rewards the user with the ability to compare points earned to points possible.


Another value-added feature of Productive Balance is the concept of accountability and working with a sponsor, who can be assigned per session, to keep you on track with your goals. Productive Balance defines a sponsor as an ‘accountability partner,’ one who champions another along the journey of effective goal-setting.


The initial idea behind Productive Balance goes back to Brian’s own personal struggles and frustrations with finding a simple way to get more of the right things done on a consistent basis. “The true concept of Productive Balance began to soar when I identified key areas in my life and called them my personal core values. By doing this, it became very clear to me where I was devoting the most and least attention. After several months of using Productive Balance,” Brian revealed, “I noticed that I was starting to get more things done than ever before. When I introduced Productive Balance to a few of my coaching clients, they loved it! From this point on, it was clear to me that there was a public need for a productivity system like this. There was no question in my mind—I had to develop it.”


Let Productive Balance help you create, accomplish, and maintain your goals. Sign up for a FREE membership at http://www.productivebalance.com/pricing-sign-up/ and get more of the RIGHT things done!