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Get More of the RIGHT Things Done!

Children Need to Achieve a Healthy Life Balance Too!!


As adults, we generally do our best to make sure that we are spending our time and energy on the “right” things. For most of us, this means our focus is targeted towards career, family, fun, health and whatever else we feel is important and leaves us with a feeling of fulfillment. It may be, […]

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Make Time for Purposeful Self-Reflection!

self reflection image

We all make time for what we feel to be the important things in life. Whether it is participating in the carpool, making dinner or completing that work project on time, we are constantly on the go.  Sometimes, however, we get caught up in the whirlwind of an inefficient routine. Given this universal problem, it […]

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Each Failure Provides a New Opportunity to Start Again

Failure to Success!

Can you imagine what your life would be like if every time you failed, you were just DONE, with no opportunity to ever try again?  Think about the first time that you tried to ride a bike.  You crashed, right?  What if that was your one and only chance?  If that were the case, as […]

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It’s finally here: Productive Balance….

Get More of the RIGHT Things Done!

Murrieta, CA, December 21, 2011—Brian Osher, Founder & CEO of GAIN Life Global LLC and Productive Balance LLC, has officially announced the launch of Productive Balance — a groundbreaking productivity tool developed to enhance the traditional to-do list for individuals, business professionals, and those challenged with ADD / ADHD.   Productive Balance is the creation […]

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Optimal Goal Setting is Essential to Success!! (Part Two)

Setting Goals

  Part One of the article, “Optimal Goal Setting is Essential to Success!!” describes the importance of well thought out goal development and details the four key steps of a successful goal setting process.  Part Two will demonstrate the importance of applying these steps by comparing and contrasting two case examples.  Jean and Joan would […]

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Optimal Goal Setting is Essential to Success!!

Get More Done In 2012!

      Early December is a perfect time to establish goals for the upcoming year.  It is certainly energizing to be able to take advantage of the brand new year by using it as a great motivator to get a fresh start.  As 2011 comes to a close, we can take charge of improving […]

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Use Your Core Values as a Motivation to Succeed!

Core Values Wheel

  Most of us tend to drift from day to day, accomplishing what absolutely needs to be done to maintain our current level of existence. The bills get paid, the grocery shopping and laundry get done, the kids get to school on time-you get the idea.  But, how great would it be if instead of […]

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